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In Cambridgeshire, we are committed to taking a proactive approach in being open and transparent about how we operate financially as a force.

Our annual budget and how we spend it, as well as our main finance documents such as chief officer pay and expenses are detailed below. 

2018/19 force income

  • Home Office Grant; £78.4 million
  • Precept (council tax); £55.6 million
  • Total income; £134.0 million

How the budget is spent

  • Local policing; £73.5 million
  • Collaborated policing functions; £37.4 million
  • Business support; £22.9 million

The remaining income contributes towards the costs of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and capital financing.

Chief officer pay and expenses

Statement of accounts

Audit results report

Chief Constables annual governance statement

Audit of accounts

Payments over £500

Trade union facility time return

Gifts and hospitality

Sponsorship and donations

Sponsorship from April 2017 to March 2018
 Type of business Value of sponsorship Goods, services, funds or combination
Transport  £16,000  Goods
Officer or staff representation  £650  Services
Recruitment £1,000 Services
Software £1,000 Services
Financial services £750 Services
Communications £1,000 Services
Software £1,000 Services
Transport £500 Services
Lawyers £824 Services
Officer or staff representation £750 Services
Transport £1,000 Services
Recruitment £1,000 Services
Education £1,000 Services
Software £1,000 Services
Chamber of Commerce £1,000 Services
Charity £500 Services
Financial services £1,000 Funds
Officer or staff representation £5,000 Services


Sponsorship from April 2016 to March 2017
 Type of business Value of sponsorship Goods, services, funds or combination
 Community group  £800  Funds
 Parish Council  £800  Funds


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