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Our procurement department are responsible for overseeing tenders over £25,000 and all purchases.

The department ensures the three forces receive the best value for money and comply with current procurement legislation. This includes adhering to Public Contract Regulations and EU Directives to ensure all procurement is based on value for money and provides all suppliers the freedom to work with us in an equal, open and transparent way.

Procurement also manage the purchasing of police uniform, safety equipment and body armour across our three shires.

Become a supplier to the police

We encourage organisations of all sizes to provide us with required goods and services. 

When looking to work with a new supplier our aim is to ensure the supplier shares the same moral values as our three forces, are financially stable and are able to deliver what we require.

Suppliers must adhere to our procurement terms and conditions and can apply to become a supplier via the Bluelight tendering website.

Suppliers must adhere to our procurement terms and conditions and can apply to become a supplier via the Bluelight tender database.

Tenders over £25,000

The majority of our tender opportunities are tri-force, to combine the three forces’ contracts.

We endeavour to obtain best value and to build confidence among businesses and the public. Before our three forces enter into any contract with a supplier, a competitive process is carried out.

Tender opportunities for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire are advertised on the following websites and signing up is free;

If you are awarded a contract, you may be required to register with the National Police Procurement Hub (NPPH). As part of the registration, you will need to provide a DUNs number, if you do not already have one you can get one from the DUNs website.

Tenders below £25,000

Procurement below £25,000 is managed by our procurement teams who obtain a minimum of three quotes from the market. 

If you're interested in providing goods or services below £25,000 please email the procurement department a summary of what you can offer with relevant prices where possible.


A list of our awarded contracts can be found on the Bluelight procurement database or via  GOV.UK contracts finder.

Contact procurement

If you have any questions or require further information, please email 

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