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Procurement is the way the Police 'buys' all goods, services and works and covers the full life cycle from identification of business need through to supplier selection, contracts management, contract expiry/termination and  starting to plan for the next contract lifecycle.

Procurement services across the Seven Forces; Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Norfolk and Suffolk have been collaborated to a single 7F Procurement function.

The aim of 7F Procurement is to use the collaborative buying power of all seven forces to obtain better value for money from our contracts as well as enhancing inter-operability and efficiency across the police service. 

Procurement plays a crucial role in our drive to deliver high quality, client centric services enabling effective sourcing solutions and supplier management within a strong and transparent governance framework. Our vision is to enable the delivery of an effective Police service and provide support for victims of crime in the eastern region by procuring and managing a high quality, value for money supply chain.

Tendering Opportunities

All tendering opportunities are advertised using the following methods and can be accessed free of charge:

Over UK Threshold tenders are also advertised on Find a Tender.

Awarded Contracts

All Contract information is available within the Supplier FOI section at:

Approved suppliers

We do not keep a list of approved suppliers, if you wish to register to receive notification of tender opportunities, please register yout interest with

Contact information

For enquiries regarding our service please contact us by email or by telephone on 01474 366650.


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