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Hide your website visit

Find out how to clear your internet cache files and online browsing history from your computer, mobile or tablet.

Important disclaimer

This information may not completely hide your digital footprint. If you need to find support information discreetly, our advice is to do so from a safe place such as a library, a friend or neighbours house or at work.

Delete your browser history

When you visit a website, the visit is logged in your internet browser history, including the detail of the webpages you clicked on throughout a website. If someone else has access to your computer, mobile or tablet, it is fairly easy for someone to look through your browsing history.

Clearing your internet browser history and emptying the cache files (which are files of data) from any internet enabled device erases your online history.

Step by step details for each browser and device can be found easily by searching online. We have included a few popular guides below;

If you browse online using a smart TV, advice on how to clear your browsing history can be found by searching online. 

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