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Digital Achievement Award 2018

We are incredibly honoured to have had our website selected as the capstone winner of the prestigious 2018 Digital Achievement Award, at the Granicus Digital Strategy Awards.

The Granicus Digital Strategy Awards are designed to give recognition for the effective and innovative use of digital communications. Granicus have five categories in which to recognise excellence in promoting services, improving public awareness, and increasing citizen involvement.

Award presenter, Dave Worsell said: “The final award, which is the Digital Achievement Award, is our capstone award for the day. This one was really difficult to judge, which lots of different entries were covering a really wide variety of different projects.

“This one we liked because it had really good results, as I said earlier on; we have got away from the vanity metrics and this is actually about doing things and achieving things with the projects that you’re working on.

“This one exceeded objectives, it had a really great implementation, again a complex project, it achieved all of the aims. Some of the other judges said it was a really great project and executed very, very well. It was the right way to tackle a website redesign, which we all know is complex. The winner of this award is Cambridgeshire Constabulary.”

Congratulations to all finalists and winners. The winners of each category are noted below;

2018 Digital Achievement Award

Winner: Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Entry title: Transforming access to the force’s online services


Creative Campaign of the Year

Winner: Enfield Council
Entry title: Build Enfield


Communicator of the Year (Individual)

Winner: Albert Freeman
Job title: Communications and Marketing Officer, Bradford Council


Transformed Access to Services

Winner: North East Lincolnshire Council
Entry title: Universal Credit roll-out support initiative


Enhanced Public Awareness

Winner: NHS Blood and Transplant
Entry title: Black donor recruitment campaign. 


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