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Jargon buster

We recognise that in policing, we tend to use many acronyms and other jargon terms. To make this easier for you to understand, we have made a jargon buster to help you identify some of our language.

Police acronym and jargon buster
Acronym Full Title
3&30 3 crimes or reports in 30 days
A/Aban or A/A Apparently Abandoned
ABC Activity Based Costing
ABH Actual Body Harm
Abload Abnormal Load
ABS Acceptable Behaviour Contract
Abtech Abnormal Loads Officer
ACC Assistant Chief Constable
ACE Asset Confiscation Enforcement
ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers
AEU Accident Enquiry Unit
AJU Administration of Justice Unit
AM Action Manager
ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition
APA Association of Police Authorities
APCOMM Association of Police Communicators
APU Armed Policing Unit
ARA Assets Recovery Agency
ARV Armed Response Vehicle
AS Arrest Summons 
ASBO Anti Social Behaviour Order
ASNT Area search no trace
BAT Briefing and Tasking
BAU business as usual
BAWP British Association for Women in Policing
BCS British Crime Survey
BCU Basic Command Unit or Basic Command Division
BCH Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire
BDV Broken Down Vehicle
BeNCH  Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire
BeNCH CRC Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Community Rehabilitation Company 
BPA Black Police Association
BTP British Transport Police
BVR Best Value Report
C/Way Carriageway
CAFCASS Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service
CAISU Child Abuse Investigation and Safeguard Unity
CAIU Child Abuse Investigation Unit
CAMCRO Cambridgeshire Criminal Record Office
CBM Community Beat Manager
CC Chief Constable or Crown Court
CC3 Command and Control 3
CCA Comparative Case Analysis 
CCMT Chief Constable's Management Team
CCTV Close Circuit Television
CCU Community Cohesion Unit
CDAIU Child and Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit
CDRP Crime and Disorder Partnerships
CDRU Crime and Disorder Reduction Unit
CEU Collision Enquiry Unit
Ch/Insp Chief Inspector
CHIS Covert Human Intelligence Source
CHP Chord Park
CIA Community Impact Assessor
CIAN Constabulary wide Independent Advisory Network
CIB Central Intelligence Bureau
CID  Criminal Investigation Department 
CIMU Crime and Incident Management Units
CIU Critical Incident Unit
CJU Criminal Justice Unit
CMD Crime Management Department
CMU  Crime Management Unit
CO Coroners Officer or Commanding Officer
COG Chief Officer Group
CORP Crime and Reduction Partnership
CP Child Protection
CPIA Criminal Procedures and Investigations Act 1996
CPP Cambridgeshire Policing Plan
CPS Crown Prosecution Service
CRB Criminal Records Bureau
CRC Community Rehabilitation Company 
Crim Dam Criminal Damage
CRO Criminal Records Office
CRU Crime Reduction Unit
CSAS Community Safety Accreditation Schemes
CSD Command and Support Department
CSE Child Sexual Exploitation or Crime Scene Examiner
CSI Crime Scene Investigator
CSM Crime Scene Manager
CSP Community Safety Partnership
CSS Corporate Support Services
CSU Community Safety Unit
Ct Court
CT/OC Counter Terrorism or Organised Crime
DAAT  Drugs and Alcohol Action Teams
DAISA Domestic Abuse Investigation Safeguarding Unit
Dam Damage  
DB Delivery Board
DBRTT The Distraction Burglary and Rogue Trader Taskforce
DCC Deputy Chief Constable
DCI Detective Chief Inspector
DDM Dedicated Decision Maker
Desc Description
DIC Drunk In Charge (Motor Vehicle)
DIO Divisional Intelligence Officer
Disq Disqualified (Driver)
DIU Divisional Intelligence Unit
DOB Date of Birth
DORTA Damage Only Road Traffic Accident
DPA Data Protection Act
DPO Departmental Personnel Officer
DSG Diversity Steering Group
DSU Dedicated Source Unit 
DV Domestic Violence
DVLA Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
ECU Economic Crime Unit
EET ERSOU Enforcement Team
Enqs Enquiries
EPO Emergency Planning Officer
ERSOU  Eastern Region Special Operations Unit
ET  Early Turn
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
FAO For the attention of
FCR Force Control Room
FEB Force Executive Board
FFIO Force Field Intelligence Officer
FIB Force Intelligence Bureau
FIDO Financial Intelligence Development Officer
FIO Financial Intelligence Officer
FIU Financial Investigation Unit
FLO Family Liaison Officer
FLP Front Line Policing
FM Forced Marriage
FMLT Fraud and Money Laundering Team
FMU Family Units
FPCG Force Performance Challenge Group
FPN Fixed Penalty Notices
FPT Fixed Penalty Ticket
GB Governance Board
GBH Grievous Bodily Harm
GIS Geographic Information Systems
GPA Gay Police Association
GPD General Police Duties
GPMS Government Protective Marking Scheme
H/A Home Address
HALO Helping achieve local objectives
HASC Home Affairs Committee 
HBV Honour Based Violence
HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle
HMI Her Majesty's Inspector
HMIC Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary
HMP Her Majesty Prison
HMRC Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs
HO/RT1 Home Office Road Traffic Form 1 (driving document producer form)
HOCR Home Office Counting Rules
HOLMES Home Office Major Enquiry System
Hosp Hospital
HPDS High Potential Development Scheme
HQ Headquarters
HR Human Resources
HRA Human Rights Act
Hrs Hours
HTCCU Hi Tech and Computer Crime Unit
IAG Independent Advisory Group
ICF Integrated Competency Framework
IDVA independent Domestic Violence Advisory
Infd Informed
Info Information
Insp Inspector
Intrepid Force Intelligence System
IOM Integrated Offender Management
IP Injured Party or Injured People
IOPC Independent Office for Police Conduct (previously IPCC)
IPCC Independent Police Complaints Commission (now known as the IOPC)
IPLDP Initial Police Learning and Development Programme
IS/IT Information Services or Information Technology
ISU Intelligence Support Unit
ISVA  Independent Sexual Violence Advisory
JNCC Joint Negotiating and Consultative Committee
JPM Joint Performance Management
JPS Joint Protective Services 
KH Key holder
KSI Killed and seriously injured
L/T Late Turn
LCJB (CCJB)  Local Criminal Justice Board
Level 2 Criminality Force Level Crime
LIO Local Intelligence Officer
Loc Location
LSCB  Local Safeguarding Children Board
M/Way Motorway
Mag Ct Magistrates Court
MAPPA  Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements
MAPPP Multi Agency Public Protection Panel
MAPPPA Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements
MARU  Multi-Agency Referral Unit
MASH Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub
MCU Major Crime Unit
Met or MPD Metropolitan Police District
MFH Missing From Home
MICR Major Investigation Control Room
Mins Minutes
MIR (MOR)  Major Incident Room (Major Operations Room)
MIRSAP Major Investigation Room Standardised Administrative Procedures
Misper Missing Person
MIT Major Investigations Team
MLIT Money Laundering Investigation Team
MO   Modus Operandi
MoPI Management of Police Information
MOS  Manual Of Standards
MP Marker Post (motorway)
MPIU  Missing Persons Investigation Unit
MSF Most Similar Forces
MSS Message Switch System
MV Motor Vehicle
NACRO National Association for the Care and rehabilitation of Offenders
NCIS National Crime Intelligence System
NCPE National Centre for Policing Excellence
NCRS National Crime Recording Standard
ND Night Duty
NDNADb National DNA Database
NETCU National Extremist Tactical Co-ordinating Unit
NFA No further action
NFA No Fixed Abode or No Further Action
NIM National Intelligence Model
NMIS National Management Information System
No. Number
NPAS National Police Air Support
NPIA National Policing Improvement Agency
NPP National Policing Plan
NPT  Neighbouring Policing Team
NSPIS National Strategy for Police Information Systems
NT No Trace or Not Taken
NVIS National Video Identification System
NWC (Police) No Waiting Cones
O/C Officer in charge or Officer in case
Obs Observations
OBTJ Offenders Brought To Justice
Occ Occupier or Occupant
OHU Occupational Health Unit
OIC Officer in Charge
Op(s) Operation(s)
OPCC Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
Opp Opposite
OPSY Operational Security
OSD Operations Support Department 
PA Police Authority
PAAOTCO Please allow an Officer to call on
PACE Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984
PASP Police Authority Strategic Policing Plan
PCSO Police Community Support Officer
PCT Priority Crime Team {Serious Acquisitive Crime excluding Commercial Robbery)
PDP Personal Development Portfolio
PDR Performance Development Review
PEACE Interview model: Planning and Preparation, Engage and Explain, Account, Closure and Evaluation
PEG Police Efficiency Group
PH Public House
PICC Independent Police Complaints Commission
PIO Prison Intelligence Officer
PIP Professionalising the Investigative Process
PITO Police Information Technology Office
PIU Prison Intelligence Unit or Paedophile Investigation Unit
PMC Peterborough Magistrates Court 
PNC Police National Computer
PND Penalty Notice for Disorder
POA Police Order Act
POCA Proceeds Of Crime Act
PODS Person Online Descriptive Search 
POLACC Police Vehicle Accident
POLKA Police Online Knowledge Area
POLSA Police Search Advisor
POPOS Persistent Offender Prolific Offenders
PPAF Policing Performance Assessment Framework
PPD Public Protection Department
PRCA Public Relations Consultants Association
PSA Targets Police Service Agreement Targets
PSC Police Service Centre
PSD Professional Standards Department
PSNI Police Service of Northern Ireland
PSU Police Support Unit or Police Standards Unit
PSV Public Service Vehicle
PTI Pre Trials Issues
PWITS Possession with intent to supply
QAT Quality Assurance Team
QH88 Force Helicopter Code
QUEST Queries Using Extended Search Techniques 
RCAT Rural Community Action Team
RCS Regional Crime Squad
Ref Reference
RIPA Regulation of Investigatory Power
RO Registered Owner (motor vehicle)
RPU Roads Policing Unit
RSO Registered Sex Offender or Road Safety Officer
RTA Road Traffic Accident 
RTC Road Traffic Collision
RX (Radio) Reception
SARC Sexual Assault Referral Centre
SARs Suspicious Activity Reports
SB Special Branch
SC Special Constabulary
SCAS Serious Crime Analysis Section
SDD Strategic Development Department
SERCS South East Regional Crime Squad
SICAR Shoeprint Image Capture And Retrieval
SIO Senior Investigating Officer
Sitrep Situation Reported
SIU Sexual Offence Investigation Unit
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLDP Senior Leadership Development Programme
SMV Stolen Motor Vehicle
SNT Safer Neighbourhood Team
SOCA Series of Organised Crime Association
SOCITM Society of IT Managers
SOCO Scenes Of Crime Officer
SOCT Serious and Organised Crime Team
SOP Standard Operating Procedures
SOPO Sexual offence prevention order 
SPOC Single point of contact
SPP Safer Peterborough Partnership
SRSOU Eastern Region Special operations unit
SSU Specialist support Unit
Supt Superintendent
Sus Suspicious or Suspected
TADA Taking and driving away (motor vehicle)
TCCP Three Counties Collaboration
TCG Tasking and Co-ordinating Group
Tel Telephone
TFU Tactical Firearms Unit
TIC Taken into consideration
TIU Technical Investigation Unit
TL Traffic Lights
TOR Traffic offense report
TSU Technical Support Unit
TT&CG Tactical Tasking and Co-ordination Group
TW Thorpe Wood
TWOC Taking Without Owners Consent (motor vehicle)
Tx Transmission (Radio)
UFN Until Further Notice
UKBA UK Border Agency
URN Unique Reference Number (alarms)
VEM Visible Ethnic Minority
VEU Vehicle Examination Unit
ViSOR Violent and Sex Offenders Register
VODS Vehicle Online Descriptive Searching
VRIS Video Recorded Interviews
VRM Vehicle Registration Mark
WoW Wanted on warrant
YOS Youth Offending Service


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