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FOI publications

Published freedom of information requests for Cambridgeshire.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary FOI publications

December's FOI publications
Freedom of information response regarding:Date published
Spit hoods 01/12/2017
Modern slavery offences 01/12/2017
Hungarian interviews and interpretation 01/12/2017
Legal high incidents 01/12/2017
2016 burglaries 01/12/2017
Acid, noxious and corrosive substances attacks 01/12/2017
Betting premises assaults 01/12/2017
Hate crime and Annex A 01/12/2017
Allotment thefts 01/12/2017
Speeding offences and Annex A 01/12/2017
Drink spikings 01/12/2017
Communications team information 01/12/2017
Dogs seized 01/12/2017
Indecent exposure arrests and Annex A 01/12/2017


November's FOI publications
Freedom of information response regarding: Date published
Hunting Act  24/11/2017
Subject access requests  24/11/2017
Police dogs  24/11/2017
Documents to help assess whether crime reports require further investigation  24/11/2017
Receipt of revenue from non public sector organisations  24/11/2017
Seized electronic devices  24/11/2017
Stalking offences  24/11/2017
Brothels in Cambridgeshire  24/11/2017
Cannabis arrests  24/11/2017
Domestic violence training  24/11/2017
Police station information  24/11/2017
Cautions issued  24/11/2017
Burglary offences  24/11/2017
Force software  24/11/2017
Special Constable regulation notice  24/11/2017
Media department information  24/11/2017
Arrested juveniles  24/11/2017
Dog thefts  24/11/2017
Resources accepted under Section 93 of the Police Act  24/11/2017
Number plate related offences 17/11/2017
Thefts and break-ins 17/11/2017
Fixed penalty notices issued to drivers using their mobile phone 17/11/2017
Diversity training 17/11/2017
Cyclists prosecuted for road traffic infringements 17/11/2017
Reports of cyber thefts/crimes 17/11/2017
Incidents of controlling or coercive behaviour 17/11/2017
Victims of murder, attempt murder and manslaughter 17/11/2017
Knife crime in school 17/11/2017
ATM/cash machine break-ins 17/11/2017
Breathalyser test results 17/11/2017
Women's refuges  17/11/2017
Addenbrooke's Hospital traffic order tickets 10/11/2017
Thefts of beehives 10/11/2017
Arrests relating to controlling and coercive behaviour 10/11/2017
Drivers using mobile whilst driving 10/11/2017
Policy regarding retention of physical lab material 10/11/2017
Crime records by crime types 10/11/2017
Charges made to insurance companies 10/11/2017
Police information notices 10/11/2017
Crimes relating to Tinder and Grindr 10/11/2017
Number of police officers and PCSOs 10/11/2017
Sexual offence reports in schools 10/11/2017
Domestic violence reports 10/11/2017
Recorded crimes 10/11/2017
Owed rest days 10/11/2017
Terrorist related incidents 10/11/2017
Road collision data in Alconbury Weston 10/11/2017
Motorcycle related offences 10/11/2017
Force case management systems 10/11/2017
Grooming offences 10/11/2017
Internet of things 10/11/2017
Police overtime 10/11/2017
Cancelled, outstanding or waiting rest days 10/11/2017
Crime records 10/11/2017
Online abuse reports 10/11/2017
Offences recorded under the Serious Crime Act 03/11/2017
Operation close pass 03/11/2017
Use of spit hoods 03/11/2017
Stolen pets statistics 03/11/2017
Police phone call information 03/11/2017


October's FOI publications
Freedom of Information response regarding:Date published
Incidents involving possession of extreme pornographic images 27/10/2017
999 call information 27/10/2017
Police camera van information 27/10/2017
Crimes involving children under the age of 10 27/10/2017
Elderly financial abuse crimes 27/10/2017
Police officer and staff shift pattern information 27/10/2017
Crimes involving adolescents 27/10/2017
Theft related crimes 27/10/2017
Drug related arrests 27/10/2017
Police arrest outcomes 27/10/2017
Trick-or-treat crime reports - 2016 27/10/2017
Lost and/or stolen police devices 27/10/2017
Stop and searches relating to section 43 of the Terrorism Act 2000 27/10/2017
Number of wanted people 27/10/2017
Sexual offence figures 27/10/2017
Manipulated forensic samples 27/10/2017
Police vehicle details 27/10/2017
Arrests in relation to Spice drug 27/10/2017
Officers armed with firearms and tasers 27/10/2017
Disability hate crimes 16/10/2017
Drivers caught on the phone 16/10/2017
Cycle theft in Cambridge 16/10/2017
Sarah's Law - disclosure scheme 16/10/2017



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