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FOI2019/04572 Annex A

Electric scooter incidents
Year Number of incidents involving electric scooters 

*Jan - 15 July

Electric scooter incidents
Incident number Year  Closure class  Nature of the incident 
1 2016 Domestic incident Electric scooter stolen 
2 2016  Theft or handling goods Person stole segway and sold it 
3 2016  Nuisance  Person riding an electric scooter causing nuisance 
4 2016  Contact/message/advice  Youths riding electric scooter on pavements
5 2016  Theft or handling goods  Segway stolen 
6 2016  Burglary  Segway and hoverboard stolen 
7 2017  Nuisance  Youths causing nuisance on electric scooters 
8 2017  Violence  Male returning broken hoverboard became abuse to staff 
9 2017  Other notifiable crime  2 electric scooters targeted by arsonists 
10 2017  Violence  Male assaulted by offenders with own hoverboard 
11 2017  Safety/security concern  Person fallen off segway 
12 2017  Burglary  Segway stolen
13 2017  Safety/security concern  Person riding electric scooter while drunk 
14 2018  Nuisance Youth on segway abuse to shop staff 
15 2018 Nuisance Youths causing disturbance on electric scooters 
16 2018  Safety/security concern Electric scooter reported as stolen 
17 2018 Safety/security concern  Youth with segway taking drugs in public 
18 2018  Nuisance  People racing on electric scooters 
19 2018  Nuisance  Person found abandoned electric scooter 
20 2018  Safety/Security concern  Person found a segway 
21 2018  Nuisance  Youth on electric scooter threatening public 
22 2018  Road related offence  Electric scooter being used on a major road 
23 2019  Contact/message/advice  Children riding electric scooter in unsafe place 
24 2019  Police generated activity  Person on electric scooter causing nuisance and running from officers 
25 2019  Nuisance  Person riding electric scooter in dangerous place for pedestrians 
26 2019  Contact/message/advice  People suspected of drug taking left on electric scooter 
27 2019  Theft or handling goods  Male made off from theft on electric scooter 
28 2019  Nuisance  Youths riding electric scooter on road 
29 2019  Nuisance  Youth riding hoverboard verbally abused 
30 2019  Nuisance  Youth riding electric scooter on road over multiple days 





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