Stay Safe card

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Stay safe cards and safer places.

The stay safe card and safer places scheme helps vulnerable people get help and support in the community.

Reasons why we need this scheme

Less than half of people in our communities feel safe outside. (42% in consultation June/July 2015). This includes those who only feel safe when someone they trusted was with them.

Places people know are very important to how safe they feel.

Many people are worried about going out in the evenings, after dark and the type of people they might encounter. People who were drunk or on drugs featured quite highly on what made people feel unsafe.

Increases public awareness of stopping disability hate crime. 71% say that people are horrible to those with a Learning Disability, rising to 92% if you include sometimes. Despite this we know reporting is still very low.

The scheme is up and running in Huntingdon and will be spread county wide throughout 2016 and 2017.

Safer places display this label in their windows or inside on a notice board.

People with the stay safe card can show it in a safer place if they are feeling scared or isolated when they are out on their own. The cards are so simple and easy to use that they could show them to an untrained person and they should know what to do.

The card tells you exactly what you need to do to help the person. It tells you their name and says that if they are showing you their card they need help. It gives contact details of the person you need to contact and what to do if you cannot get hold of them after three tries.

Contact VoiceAbility (01223 555863 or 07585002572) or drop in to Huntingdon Police Station if you need a card. Or download it here.



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