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Ask the Police is a new website designed to answer all your policing questions. The site contains over 700 of the most frequently asked questions and provides access to a host of policing contacts.


What do the police class as an emergency/when can I call 999?
What kind of hands-free kit can I use with my mobile phone while driving?
How do I know the workman at my door is genuine?
How can I stop my credit or debit cards being cloned/skimmed?
I've received an email from my bank asking me to verify my account number and PIN number, is it genuine?
How much alcohol can I drink and not be over the limit to drive?
I have been in a road traffic accident, nobody was injured and we both stopped, do I need to report it to the police?
My car has been broken into what should I do?
A house or business burglar alarm is going off, what can I do?
Is it illegal to carry a knife in my pocket?
How can I prevent my mobile phone being stolen?
Can I mark property myself and if so where can I get the equipment?
I am getting a lot of spam e-mails, is there anything I can to do to them?
What steps can I take to increase my personal safety on a night out?
When can I park on double yellow lines?
Can I park on the pavement?
I have got a speeding ticket, but I wasn't driving, what should I do?
What is an anti social behaviour order?
Are external lights a good idea for security?
What is domestic violence?
How long do penalty points stay on my licence?
What is the legal age when I can leave my children home alone?
Is there a legal age for a babysitter?
A lot of cars have their fog lights on when it's not foggy, is it legal?
My MOT has expired can I drive my car to the garage for the MOT test?
Can I sell my car on the road?
What is the law relating to tyres?
I want to buy a second hand car, how can I tell whether it is stolen or not before I buy it?
How long do I have to report an incident to the police?
Do I have to wait 24 hours before I can report a person missing?
What do I do if I find a stray dog?

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