Equality Objectives

In line with our statutory duties within the Equality Act 2010, the Constabulary have developed Equality objectives which will direct how we approach our operational and planning work around equality and diversity issues.

The Ethics, Equality & Inclusion Board, has developed the new objectives in line with a strategic assessment.

The objectives encompass the protected characteristics of race, disability, gender, gender reassignment, age, sexual orientation, religion and belief, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership.

Objective 1 (External) - Improve the ways in which people with "Protected Characteristics" (Equality Act) and Cambridgeshire Constabulary interact and work together to improve service delivery

  • Accessibility to services and information
  • Engagement with communities
  • Understanding the communities we serve
  • Enhance partnership working to improve service delivery

Objective 2 (External) - Supporting Vulnerable Victims

  • People with Protected Characteristics
  • Domestic & Honour Based Violence Victims
  • Victims of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

Objective 3 (External) Satisfaction - The Constabulary ensures people with "Protected Characteristics" are satisfied with the services they receive and understands what more could be done to improve their levels of satisfaction

Objective 4 (Internal) Building a Diverse Workforce - The Constabulary will shape recruitment, retention and progression activity (including positive action) informed by engagement with under-represented groups in our communities and the experiences of under-represented members of our workforce e.g. through exit interview feedback and opinion surveys

Objective 5 (Internal) Workforce Satisfaction - The Constabulary aims to improve satisfaction levels of people with "Protected Characteristics" with regard to fair treatment, respect, dignity and equal opportunity

Objective 6 (Internal & External) Integrating Ethics & Equality into Core Business - The Constabulary is able to evidence how it is meeting the three duties of the Equality Act across all business areas

The Ethics ,Equality & Inclusion Board monitors progress on an action plan to deliver against these objectives.

The objectives reflect the importance of equality to Cambridgeshire Constabulary and we believe that together with our own analysis that includes the results of equality impact assessments and feedback from the community, will help assist in tackling discrimination, promote community cohesion and deliver a fair service.

We also collect data and information throughout the year which is scrutinised by specialist staff within the organisation. This information will help us understand and adapt our services to be more effective in meeting the needs of those with protected characteristics and will be made publically available.

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