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In this section you’ll find everything you need to know about the networks and associations that have an active presence in our force and what support we can offer to our employees.

Christian Police Association

  • The Christian Police Association has branches in the majority of police forces in the UK. The CPA provide an effective support mechanism within the force that will help gel and support Christian believers in the workplace. More information is available on the Christian Police Association website (opens in a new window)

Disability Support Network

  • The Network aims to support and help create awareness and understanding. Consisting of a team of Officers and Members of Police Staff who volunteer their time to support officers and staff with a disability.  This also includes Officers and Staff who may be associated with individuals affected by a disability, or those who act as carers to individuals with a disability.


  • Fusion’s main aims are to support women to achieve their potential, that there is equality of opportunity for all employees and to help to develop a truly inclusive organisation that supports and encourages difference.


  • The force’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender network with the role of providing a support network for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) members of staff as well as advising the organisation on LGBT issues. Consisting of police officers, staff, Specials and volunteers within the force, Nexus provides the forum to discuss support and respond to local and national LGBT issues.

Police Federation

  • The Police Federation of England and Wales is one of the largest staff associations in the UK, representing the interests of all police constables, sergeants and inspectors (including chief inspectors) in all matters concerning their work, their well-being and quality of life while at work. For further information please visit the dedicated website - Cambridgeshire Police Federation


  • UNISON is the UK's largest union, providing support including well-being, representation, reviewing policies, ascertain information which may affect members. If you're a UNISON member you'll receive legal help at home or work finacial assistance, training to develop your career and you'll be offered discounts on cars, insurance, holidays and more.


  • UNITY is a staff association group that provides support to all staff from under-represented groups across the organisation, including those from black and minority ethnic backgrounds (BME). The group's aims include promoting the importance of cultural diversity and cohesion across the organisation; provide assistance with recruitment and retention and to offer advice on matters of ethnicity relations, cultural issues, xenophobia and racism. Membership is open to all staff, who wish to enhance trust and confidence in our local communities.


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