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Stephen Mudie video transcript

Becoming a Special was something I always wanted to do.

I went on to a four on four off rota at my job and I thought: I’m getting bored, I need something to do.

So, I thought I’m going to apply for the Specials and see if I like it.

Volunteering you’re literally giving something back and it’s also a social hobby that I’ve kind of got to be honest.

It is, it’s the best hobby that I’ve ever found!

So the start of my shift was at 7.30 this morning, I was asked to go and assist with a violence job and then I went on to go on an interesting job which was somebody was chasing some cattle around.

I also had a seven-year-old who was wandering lost and then I reunited him with his mum.

Pull over for me!

You understand using your mobile phone while you’re driving is an offence yeah.

Sorry, yeah.

It’s fine.

If you enjoy encountering members of the public, enjoy a challenge, enjoy the mix of never knowing what’s going to happen and if you’re considering a career in the police.

This is your best option to look at it first, I love it.

Discover what you’re capable of.

Cambridgeshire Special Constabulary.

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