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Phil Valentine video transcript

My name is Phil Valentine and I’m a chef here at Cambridgeshire Police Monks Wood Training Centre.

I’ve been a chef for ten years, right one burger and chips.

The reason why I’ve joined the Specials is to create, for me, a stepping stone into the regulars and to become a full-time officer.

It’s a big career change to go from catering into the police force, it was actually the Chief Constable at the time who approached me.

He advised me to join the Special Constabulary as almost like a try before you buy.

I’m really showing off my culinary skills today, the old favourite, cheesy chips and beans.

I can go out on duty and I’ll bump into an officer and he’ll be like: are you Phil from the canteen?

The RCAT team is the Rural Crime Action Team. You have hare coursing, diesel theft, plant machinery theft, stack fires.

Anything that you can think of that’s within the rural community.

My advice, certainly if you’re thinking of joining, is to definitely go for it.

You’ve got nothing to lose, I’ve still got my full-time job. Do it.

Discover what you’re capable of. Cambridgeshire Special Constabulary.

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