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Special Constabulary article


Have you ever wanted to add some excitement to your life or do something positive and rewarding for your local community?

You can do both with the Special Constabulary.

Being a Special gets you into the exhilarating world of policing while benefiting you, your employer and your community.

Specials are volunteer police officers who wear the same uniform, carry the same equipment and have the same powers as police officers, including the power of arrest.

They volunteer a minimum of just four hours a week and the constabulary can fit around their lifestyle.

Being a career Special is a vocation in its own right and there is a whole range of roles, including specialist areas such as road policing, the major crime unit and the rural crime action team (RCAT).

You could be tackling anti-social behaviour, involved in crowd control at major events, going on foot or vehicle patrol, assisting at the scene of collisions, fights or fires or enforcing road safety initiatives.

You will get professional training, skills and experience that can be used in everyday life and career progression. Training takes 10 weeks and consists of distance learning via online training packages that can be completed in your own time.

People often ask if being a Special could upset their employer. Our experience is that employers are usually extremely happy for staff to become Specials and many actually support them by giving paid time off while they’re on duty. Some organisations actively encourage their staff to become Specials and work in partnership with the Special Constabulary.

For more information and an application form visit the Cambridgeshire Constabulary website:

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