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Special Constable training

Before taking part in any police patrol duties, you will undergo an initial training course.

The course is over a 16 week period, which will consist of a combination of classroom based learning and online training packages, including;

  • criminal law
  • legal powers
  • traffic offences
  • policies, procedures
  • communication and radio use
  • practical policing skills
  • IT systems
  • Officer safety training
  • first aid
  • mental health vulnerabilty

During initial training there will also be bi-weekly evening training sessions in-person to support and guide you. There is also a mandatory weekend training sessions to enable you to practice your skills.

The initial training course is run over 16 weeks, with in-person training taking place bi-weekly on a weekday evening and Saturdays and Sundays. During the 16 weeks training you will also be required for one week 6 days Monday to Saturday for Officer Safety Training. This training is a mandatory requirement.

Mandatory attendance at a training centre is required for one week 6 days Monday to Saturday inclusive, where you will complete personal safety training.

At the end of your training, you will attend a graduation ceremony to mark the successful completion of the course.

After initial training and graduation, you will have a further 18 months with a tutor constable working alongside regular officers and competent Special Constables to complete your police action checklist (PAC).

The checklist consists of 12 units, covering a variety of operational policing incidents including arresting, searching and taking statements and need to be completed before you will gain professional competent status.

Policing never stands still, so you are expected to keep yourself abreast of changing law, policy and procedure. Training will be provided throughout your 18-month probationary period to assist you.

Additional information

To find out about the history of the Special Constabulary and the Employer Supported Policing (ESP) scheme, visit our Special Constabulary information page.


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