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A message from the Chief Constable

I cannot over emphasise the huge contribution Special constables make to policing in Cambridgeshire.

I will always have nothing but admiration for the dedication they show by giving up their spare time to help us keep people safe.

There are many great reasons to volunteer as a police officer.

It is an exciting opportunity to give something back to the community and get involved in some very valuable and rewarding work. You get a unique insight into the challenges of policing and it provides you with a real opportunity to assist us in providing a better service to the communities we serve.

You will receive professional training and if you are considering a career in policing but are not sure, it’s also a great opportunity to ‘try before you buy’.

If you already have a career, it’s an excellent way to boost your skills and confidence and will hold you in good stead for whatever comes next.

We are proud of the work we do with the diverse communities of Cambridgeshire and as a Special you will be working for the benefit of everyone, right across the county. 

That is why we are keen to recruit people from all walks of life and a range of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds because we want you to help us better understand the real issues and concerns facing those who live and work in your neighbourhoods.

Work with us to prevent and tackle crime, safeguard the vulnerable and be part of policing here in Cambridgeshire.

Nick Dean, Chief Constable

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