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Police Futures

Police Futures Logo in blueIf you are interested in joining a graduate scheme like no other, where every day is different and that will enable you to help others by tackling some of the most complex challenges in society, then Police Futures is for you.

The recruitment window for this year's intake has now closed, however, to receive notification when applications go live for our next intake please submit your details at the bottom of the page.

What is Police Futures?

Police Futures is a police graduate scheme that offers a diverse work environment where talent and hard work are recognised, and progression is based on leadership ability and potential.  

You will be able to make a positive difference to the lives of others, and find levels of resilience and determination you didn’t realise were possible. 

Policing is one of the most challenging, but rewarding careers available today.

As a successful candidate you will be given a competitive salary, with a good benefits package including 22 days leave – going up to 30 with service (plus Bank Holidays), free gym, options for flexible working and dedicated study time.

Officer with speed gun

What will I gain from Police Futures?

Just like people, no two experiences with Police Futures are the same, and we welcome a wide range of graduates to participate in the scheme.

One thing you will have in common with your fellow candidates it that you will all be joining a community of talented individuals who are dedicated to making the country safer and helping others, while developing and growing as police leaders.

You will be supported through coaching and mentoring, to help you to build a clear career plan and professional network.

To find out more about what it is like to be a police officer through graduate entry, or to have enrolled on one of our internal talent programmes, read Karl and Emily’s stories - Meet our officers

Who should apply?

Police Futures has two entry routes: one for serving officers, and one for graduate entrants who are not currently serving officers (members of the Special Constabulary are eligible to apply as graduate entrants).

Graduates are expected to have achieved a first or second class degree at undergraduate level, or a post-graduate qualification at the point of entry onto the scheme.  Current students who are expecting to graduate with a qualifying degree are eligible to apply within their final year of study.  

Police Futures applicants will have excellent communication skills, an aptitude for problem-solving, and the ability to understand and interpret data. But most importantly we are looking for applicants who are committed to building a better future for society through leadership in policing.

The selection process for Police Futures is designed to get the best from you. It includes a variety of tests so that everyone gets the opportunity to shine, from psychometric and written assessments, to presentations and role plays.  We want to understand what make you unique, and how you can contribute to the future leadership of policing in Britain.

if you want to receive an email notification when applications go live for our 2021 intake, please submit your name and email address.

How does Police Futures work?

Graduates recruited directly into Police Futures will spend their first three years completing the Police Education Qualifications Framework (PEQF) before joining Stage 1 of Police Futures.

Stage 1

During Stage 1 you will be supported towards achieving professional qualifications in line with your career plan, including National Police Promotion Framework examination and National Investigators’ Exams (PIP2 detective qualifications).

In addition, you will be sponsored by the force to attend a series of short courses in research methodologies and criminology which you will then be supported to implement in the workplace.

Year 1:

You will be supported in undertaking an academic short course to provide the foundations for future learning and you will be expected to successfully pass the National Police Promotion Framework Step 2 Exam (Sergeants/ Inspectors) if you have not already done so on entry.

Year 2:

You will undertake a short course in research practice

Year 3:

Is a consolidation period, where you will implement your learning by undertaking a piece of research on behalf of the Constabulary.

At the conclusion of Stage 1, you will be invited to apply for Stage 2 of Police Futures as part of a competitive internal process.



If you want to receive an email notification when applications go live for our next graduate scheme intake, please submit your name and email address.

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