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Technical questionnaire

This guide has been put together to help you with the Accelerated Detective Constable Programme (ADCP) technical questionnaire.

Do you have any relevant investigative qualifications and/or training (this is not essential)

  • examples can be both professional and personal


What is your understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Detective Constable?

  • on a day to day basis what roles do you think a Detective Constable performs?
  • what decisions are Detective Constables having to make?
  • what is the purpose of a Detective Constable?


Please provide an example of when you have used your skills and experience within an investigation or analytical review. The evidence provided does not have to be a crime related matter, but will be used to assess your ability to investigate and analyse information effectively.

  • ensure your answer has a structure, the STAR approach will provide this
  • ensure your answer has a conclusion
  • did you reflect on this experience and was any learning identified going forward?
  • ensure you link your identified skills and experience directly to your example


Please note – both the application form and technical questionnaire need to be successfully passed to move to the next stage of the recruitment process.

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