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How does Police Futures work?

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Graduates recruited directly into Police Futures will spend their first three years completing the Police Education Qualifications Framework (PEQF) before joining Stage 1 of Police Futures.

Stage 1

During Stage 1 you will be supported towards achieving professional qualifications in line with your career plan, including National Police Promotion Framework examination and National Investigators’ Exams (PIP2 detective qualifications).

In addition, you will be sponsored by the force to attend a series of short courses in research methodologies and criminology which you will then be supported to implement in the workplace.

Year 1:

You will be supported in undertaking an academic short course to provide the foundations for future learning and you will be expected to successfully pass the National Police Promotion Framework Step 2 Exam (Sergeants/ Inspectors) if you have not already done so on entry.

Year 2:

You will undertake a short course in research practice

Year 3:

Is a consolidation period, where you will implement your learning by undertaking a piece of research on behalf of the Constabulary.

At the conclusion of Stage 1, you will be invited to apply for Stage 2 of Police Futures as part of a competitive internal process.

Further information:

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