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Firearms exemption request

To apply for a firearms exemption, please download, complete and return the exemption request form.

Exemption applications relative to events should be made in advance to avoid disappointment. We recommend at least four weeks prior to a shooting event.

The length of time the exemption is permitted is different for each application and circumstances presented within the application. Specific requirements should be detailed within the application for the licensing department to consider.  

Returning your firearms exemption application

Firearms and Explosives Licensing Department
Police Headquarters
Hinchingbrooke Park
PE29 6NP

Exemption guidance

Under the Firearms Act 1968, Section 11 details special exemptionsfor certain activities. Approved activities for those aged over 18 include;

  • for sporting purposes
  • at athletic meetings for the purpose of starting races
  • certain activities at a rifle range or shooting gallery where air weapons or miniature rifles don't exceed 23 inch calibre, including associated ammunition
  • borrow and use a certificated shotgun of the occupier of private premises, on those premises and in the occupiers presence
  • use of a shotgun at a time and place approved for shooting artificial targets by the chief officer of police for the area in which that place is situated.

Guidance for clay pigeon shoots

  1. There should be a safe zone extending to 300 metres from the shooting point in the direction of fire, which should be clearly defined
  2. Shot, broken or whole clay targets should not land on any area where the public have access, or where permission from the owner of the land has not been granted
  3. No person who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs should be allowed to be in possession of guns
  4. Guns should only be loaded when on the firing point
  5. Health and safety regulations require appropriate safety equipment to be available
  6. The organiser must accept responsibility for safety at the event
  7. The organiser of an event has a responsibility under the law to have or obtain necessary liability insurances to cover any accidents
  8. You should be aware of the potential for noise pollution
  9. You may wish to consider conducting a risk assessment for the activity. 

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