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Report information about crime in your community

Is it an emergency?  Remember, if someone is in danger and you need immediate support please call 999 now. If no service is requested but anything suspicious is heard throughout the process, BT operators will connect you to a police call handler.

If you’re in an emergency situation, need police help and are calling from your mobile phone, but can’t speak, Make Yourself Heard and let the 999 operator know your call is genuine. Call 999 and, if you cannot speak, press 55 on your mobile phone and you will be transferred through to the police. Pressing 55 does not allow police to track your location.

You can tell us any information you may have about criminal or suspicious activity in your community.  Information you provide will be reviewed and could help to stop a crime or convict an offender.

Some examples of what to report here:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Dwelling burglary
  • Child abuse/exploitation
  • Domestic abuse
  • Gang violence 
  • Hate crime
  • Individuals carrying knives
  • Serious sexual offences
  • Extremism and counter terrorism
  • Modern day slavery
  • Firearms
  • Drug usage or distribution

To complete this form you will need:

  • Personal details including your name and contact details
  • The date and time of the concern being reported
  • Any information about further evidence that could help our investigation 
Approximate completion time: 10 minutes
If you want to report a concern anonymously you can report it via the Crimestoppers website or via their hotline on: 0800 555 111.

Is a crime happening right now, is the suspect still at the scene, or is anyone seriously injured or in danger?

Please call 999 now

  • About your concern regarding criminal activity
  • This form is to report information regarding criminal activity that you are aware of. This form is not used to report crime that has or is currently happening. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a crime, please return and access the report a crime page.
  • What do you want to tell us about?

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