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Welcome to your local Neighbourhood policing information page for Peterborough.

two police officers in town centre

Working closely with local authorities, community leaders and residents, your local team are there to protect the community, gather information and reduce crime across Peterborough.

Neighbourhood teams

The four teams operating across Peterborough, consist of local Officers and PCSOs under the command of an Inspector and are supported by additional officers from across the wider area. 

Your nearest station:


Peterborough & Fenland Senior Command

Superintendent Kate Anderson

(Area Commander for Peterborough and Fenland

Supt Kate Anderson                           


Detective Chief Inspector Dan Quigley

(Head of Neighbourhood Policing for Peterborough and Fenland)


City Centre

Covering Peterborough city centre and Eastgate.

Peterborough City Centre team
Sergeant Andy Morris

Sgt Andy Morris 

Inspector Karl Secker (City and East team)

PC Tom Maltby

PC Chris Arnold PC Stephanie Day
PC Trisha Dempsey PC Andy Gladders
PC Alastair Scott PCSO Ian Moll
PCSO Lucie Marchbank -



Operating within Parnwell, Dogsthorpe, Welland, Eastfield, Fengate, Millfield.

Peterborough East team
Sergeant Sarah Phillips                                   Sgt Sarah Phillips
Inspector Karl Secker PC Will Smith
PC Guy Cunningham PC Lauren Easton
PC Scott Giles PC Laura Henning
PC Sanchez Thomas PCSO Velimira Petkova
PCSO Thomas Puthenpuravil PC Shane Nicholls
PCSO Jaspal Kaur PCSO Martin West



Operating within Maxey, Bainton, Barnack, Helpston, Northborough, Peakirk, Glinton, Newborough, Werrington, Gunthorpe, Paston, Walton, Marholm, Bretton, Ravensthorpe, Netherton, Eye, Thorney, Wansford and Wittering.

Peterborough North team

Inspector Olly Warsop

(North & South teams)                                     

Insp Olly Warsop
Sergeant Justin Bielawski Sgt Justin Bielawski 3
PC Charlie Adams PC Paul Delmer
PC Stephen Main PC Nicky Peacock
PC Kieran Teanby PCSO Ronnie Durrell
PCSO Aimee Lauch PCSO Martha Hurley



Operating within Fletton, Stanground, Cardea, The Hamptons, The Ortons, Alwalton.

Peterborough South team
Sergeant Sam Tucker                                              Sgt Sam Tucker
Inspector Olly Warsop PC Jamie Plant
PC Gareth Price PC James Roper
PC Brady Slack PC Jordan Taylor-Powell
PC Ben Warner PC Harriet Gedney
PCSO Lloyd Ledgister PCSO Gian Nigro


Community concerns

Do you have information on criminal activity or are concerned about issues directly impacting your local community? Share your concerns with us or report vital information today.

Parked police car in village centre

Tell us what concerns you the most in your area?

By working together, we can help to find solutions to the local problems that matter to you most. Let us know the issues you are concerned about in your area.

Community concerns form


Report information about criminal activity

Do you need to report a crime or speak to us about a crime? You can tell us any information you may have about criminal or suspicious activity in your community. Information you provide will be reviewed and could help to stop a crime or convict an offender.

Is it an emergency?  Remember, if someone is in danger and you need immediate support please call 999 now. 


News and Social Media

Follow the Peterborough neighbourhood policing teams to find out the latest news and insight into policing activities across the city and into the wider area.

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