Missing people - The Herbert Protocol

When a friend or family member with dementia goes missing it can be incredibly distressing.

The Herbert Protocol is a national initiative which encourages carers to keep a record of key information that could be useful to the police in the event of a vulnerable person going missing.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary, along with partners including the Dementia Action Alliance, have set up the scheme locally.

Carers are being asked to download a form, fill it in and keep it updated so that it is ready to hand or send to the police should it be needed. This will help to save vital time at the start of efforts to locate the missing person.

Helpful information includes phone numbers, places the person often goes, medication they are taking, a photograph of them etc.

This form is not intended to replace existing safeguarding or security measures.

To download a copy of the form click here.

To download a printable A4 information sheet about The Herbert Protocol click here.

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