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Personal safety

To protect yourself from harm, we offer advice on how to stay safe when out and about.

We advise you;

  • avoid talking on your mobile phone or listening to music using headphones as this can distract you and prevent you from hearing any potential danger signs
  • consider buying a personal safety alarm and carry it with you in case you need to sound the alarm
  • keep bags closed and be extra careful if carrying a bag in the basket of a bicycle
  • if someone grabs your bag, let it go as the contents can be replaced
  • walk confidently and be alert of what’s going on around you
  • if you feel unsafe or suspect you are being followed, cross the road and head to a safe public place 
  • avoid using cash points or ATM’s when there are people hanging around 
  • avoid short cuts and dark isolated areas, vary your routine and be discreet when handling cash, phones and wearing jewellery in a public place.

Never take your safety for granted and look after your friends so that they don’t become vulnerable. Remember your personal safety is more important than your phone or other valuables.

Personal safety at night

Whenever you are out and about at night, it’s always advisable to be alert and aware of your surroundings.

Many people drink alcohol before they head out to pubs and clubs in order to save money but remember that venues have the right to turn people away or breath-test you before entering and licensed premised are unable to serve alcohol to anyone who is drunk.

We offer the following advice to help keep yourself safe when out at night;

  • try to stay on busy streets, in well-lit areas and avoid parks and alleyways, even if you are not alone
  • make sure someone knows where you are going, who you are meeting and what time you expect to return
  • when socialising with a group of people, watch out for each other and make sure everyone stays safe
  • if drinking alcohol, be aware of what you are drinking at all times as it is common for drugs or extra alcohol to be added to drinks unknowingly
  • if drinking alcohol, try to drink in moderation so that you remain aware and alert at all times, as alcohol can seriously affect your ability to make safe judgements
  • if you see someone else in trouble, think twice before trying to help as this may aggravate the situation. Instead, shout for help, make noise to attract attention or call 999 in an emergency 
  • plan how you’re getting home. If you're planning to use public transport at night, check ahead for the times of the last train, tube or bus to your destination and always carry the number of a trusted, licensed taxi company or suitable booking app on your phone 
  • if a bus is empty or it is after dark, it may be safer to stay on the lower deck and sit near the driver. If travelling on trains and tubes, try to avoid empty carriages
  • carry your wallet out of site and avoid flashing your cash.

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