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Fuel theft

Prevent your vehicle from fuel theft by parking in busy, well-lit areas which are monitored by CCTV. We recommend you park with your fuel tank facing the road so that passing traffic acts as a deterrent to thieves. Parking close to other vehicles is also a good idea as it restricts access to your fuel tank.

Locking fuel caps are not recommended as thieves will often just puncture the tank instead causing even more damage. Instead, fuel cap alarms can be fitted which are activated when your vehicle is tampered with.  

We also advise that you re-fuel your vehicle just before planned journeys rather than leaving a vehicle fully fuelled overnight.

Central heating oil theft

Stealing oil is attractive to thieves as they can use it for their own central heating or sell it on to make a profit. Filled oil tanks can cost thousands of pounds and we recommend a few precautions to help protect them;

  • The position of the oil tank - positioning your tank close to your house where one or more windows are capable of seeing it. This may intimidate thieves as the risk of being seen is high. If the tank is close to a road, alley or drive, it may be a much easier target. Hiding the tank behind garages and sheds is fairly common, but it may actually give thieves an advantage.
  • Control switches - switches that control the flow of oil should be turned off and electricity supplies should be isolated when the tank is not in use.
  • Padlocks - thieves are usually equipped with a range of tools to attack your tank, so it’s worth investing in a good quality lock. Closed shackle padlocks offer the most resistance against popular burglary tools.
  • Oil level gauges - remote electronic oil level gauges set off alarms if the oil level in the tank suddenly drops or falls below a quarter full. These cost between £70 and £100 and notify the tank owner if any oil is lost or stolen. 

Making off without paying

If you are a petrol station business and have experienced fuel theft from someone making off without paying, you can report this to us by calling 101.

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