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Cycle safely

As a cyclist you can be more vulnerable than other road users, but by taking simple precautions, you can reduce the risk of accidents or injury. 

When out cycling, we advise you to;

  • always wear a helmet, regardless of how short your journey is. Make sure it is comfortable and sits level across your forehead, without obscuring your view
  • look for safety markers when buying a new helmet;
    • EN1079: 1997 European Standard for older children and adult helmets
    • EN1080: 1997 European Standard for younger children’s helmets
    • CPSC – US regulations or SNELL B-95
  • consider taking part in a cyclist training course to improve your skills, You can find out more by visiting the Bikeability website
  • service your bike regularly
  • regularly check your bike for moving parts and give special attention to tyres, brakes and lights
  • have front and rear lights, as well as a red reflector for better visibility to other road users when cycling in the dark. It is against the law to cycle in darkness without lights
  • wear fluorescent or reflective bands during the day and night to increase visibility
  • use cycle paths when possible
  • cycle in single file on busy or narrow roads
  • observe the Highway Code as it’s against the law to cycle on pavements (unless shared), travel through red lights and down one-way streets in the wrong direction
  • take extra care at junctions and roundabouts and use clear hand signals
  • use your bicycle bell when necessary, as not everyone will be able to hear you 
  • avoid listening to music whilst cycling as it reduces your ability to focus and you may not hear traffic warnings.

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