Our people

Victim and Witness Care Co-ordinators and the Victims’ Hub Community Volunteers are the main people you will come into contact with and who provide the majority of support and advice.

Victim and Witness Care Co-ordinator

These will be your first point of contact when getting into touch with the Victim and Witness Hub. Their role is to keep you updated and support you from the beginning to the end of the process.

After carrying out the additional needs assessment they will develop a personalised care plan which identifies the specific needs you have based on your personal situation and circumstances and the support you need.

Depending on your needs as a victim this could include organising support from a Victim and Witness Hub Community Volunteer and helping you to access other external organisations.

If you are required to attend court or give evidence as a victim or witness, the Co-ordinator will work with you to understand your needs. They will ensure that you receive any support that you are entitled to, such as Special Measures to help you give evidence, as well as helping to sort out issues like transport or childcare. The Co-ordinator will work closely with the Witness Service, who can offer pre-trial visits to the court room and who provide support in person during any trial.

Victim and Witness Hub Community Volunteer

A Victim and Witness Hub Community Volunteer will be available where there is a need for longer term emotional support for you if you are a victim of crime.

Many of our volunteers have themselves been a victim of crime and so know from personal experience of what emotions you may be going through. They are trained to listen to you and give you advice and feedback on how to get your life back on track.

Often just talking to someone independent from your family and friends, can help enormously to make sense of what has happened and find a way to cope and recover.

They will also help you with practical personal and household support such as help with criminal injuries compensation.

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