How we can help

The Victim and Witness Hub can provide support for anyone affected by crime, whether you report it to the Police or not; including victims, bereaved relatives, parents or guardians of victims under 18 and members of staff where a business has been a victim of crime.

If you are reporting a crime to the Police you will be asked a few questions to find out how you have been affected by the crime and your personal circumstances, to identify if there is any additional support that you might need.

We will use this information to decide the best way to make contact with you.

If we speak to you on the phone, one of our skilled Victim and Witness Care Coordinators will ask you some questions about your specific needs and personal circumstances, working with you to create a personalised plan to help you cope and recover from the effects of the crime.

We can also help you by ensuring that you receive your entitlements under the Code of Practice for Victims 2015, acting as a single point of contact should you need us.

Emotional Support:

Everyone deals will the impact of crime differently, and has their own way of coping. This can vary enormously depending on your personality, the support you have around you and your personal circumstances.

Whether you have recently been affected by a crime or you are experiencing delayed impact from a past crime; our staff are trained and experienced in being able to help you to understand what has happened and how to cope and recover from what can be a traumatic experience.

Many of our volunteers have themselves been a victim of crime and know from personal experience what emotions you may be going through. They are trained to listen to you and give you advice and feedback on how to get your life back on track.

Practical support

The impact of a crime often isn't just emotional.

You may have to deal with practical issues ranging from the smaller tasks of securing and repairing broken windows to the bigger and longer tasks such as understanding the criminal process through to the end of a trial.

This is why we're here to help you sort these out.

We also work with a range of other specialist organisations who we can refer you to or you can contact directly.


We really value witnesses who come forward and help the criminal justice system to work effectively for the good of society and victims of crime.

If a suspect is charged with an offence we will ensure the victim and any witnesses who may be needed at court are kept updated with the progress of the case.

We will support you as a witness practically and emotionally if you are required to attend court or give evidence. We will work with you to understand your needs and we will ensure that you receive any support that you are entitled to, such as Special Measures to help you give evidence, as well as helping to sort out issues like transport or childcare. We work closely with the Witness Service who can offer pre-trial visits to the court room and who provide support in person during any trial.

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