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Support for victims and witnesses

Cambridgeshire Constabulary and our criminal justice partners are committed to giving you the best possible service at all times.

Being a victim or witness of crime can be distressing and traumatic. These pages are designed to provide you with help and support, relevant information and advice with links to other partner organisations that can assist you.

A code of practice that aims to improve victims’ contact with criminal justice agencies came into force in December 2013.

The Code of Practice for Victims of Crime aims to provide victims with the support and information they need and can be found here along with a Ministry of Justice leaflet

Useful contacts and information

Victim support Cambridgeshire

Victims of crime can receive support from an independent charity, Victim Support. The contact number is 0845 456 5995. More information is in the section entitled "Information for victims and witnesses".

Cambridgeshire Constabulary aims to provide that gateway to local support groups, so that victims receive the help they need. We will automatically refer you to Victim Support unless you object to this or if the crime involves murder, manslaughter, serious sexual offence or domestic violence. For these offences your specific consent is required for a referral to Victim Support.

For more information on Victim Support, visit www.victimsupport.org.uk.

Young victims have a special website: www.are-you-ok.org.uk

For more information on the Criminal Justice System, Victim's Code, The Witness Charter and how a case will progress, visit www.cjsonline.gov.uk.

Download Criminal Justice System's Victims of Crime Leaflet.

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