Enhanced communication via an interpreter

The first UK National Joint Training for Police Officers and Police Interpreters

Cambridgeshire has a great need for public service interpreters due to its many tourist attractions and the steady increase of migration from EU countries to the area.

To assist public sector officials in delivering a first class service, that focuses on the citizenís needs, regardless of their cultural background, nationality and language, the constabulary embarked on a project to produce an interpreters awareness film.

Working with local and national public sector agencies and national interpretersí professional bodies the constabulary has produced a 45 minute awareness film demonstrating how to use and communicate effectively via an interpreter, funded by the Migrant Impact Fund.

The film highlights the importance of using a trained, professional interpreter who is qualified, experienced, security-vetted and registered with their professional body.

It explains the importance of briefing both the client and the interpreter correctly and provides guidance on how to do this properly. By following the correct protocols you will ensure three outcomes;

  • Fair treatment for the client
  • Professional respect for the interpreter; and
  • A satisfactory outcome for all parties.

The film is split into six modules and covers a spectrum of public sectors scenarios including scenes from a dentist waiting room, a Citizenís Advice Bureau office, hospital ward and police interview and covers the following topics;


Language identification

Professional interpreter

How to meet, greet and brief your interpreter

Briefing your client on the role of an interpreter

Obtaining information via an interpreter


For more details on the film please contact project manager, Katrina Mayfield.

This film was produced by Cambridgeshire Constabulary and was funded by the Migration Fund.

With thanks to;

Association of Police and Court Interpreters (APCI), Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL), Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI), National Register of Public Interpreters (NRPSI), NHS Peterborough, New Link, Peterborough City Council, National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) and Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).


Daina Nalivaiko Latvian interpreter
Egle Vytuvyte Lithuanian interpreter
Emily Pollet Dental receptionist
Maruis Zilinskas Darius
Sandeep Garcha Reema
Muzz Khan Aamir
Guy Oliver Watts Citizens Advice Bureau staff
Louisa Lawrenson Citizens Advice Bureau staff
Bhasker Patel Professional Urdu interpreter
Maja Smith Polish interpreter
Luc Mazurek Kamil
Will Chitty Police Officer
Marc Bolton Doctor

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In order to achieve the best outcome when communicating via an interpreter, download this aide memoire and follow the guidelines as set out in the fifteen steps.

Interpreter aide memoire

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