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Preparing to apply

We are looking for people with ambition who are committed to helping us make Cambridgeshire a safer place to live, work and visit.

Job application process

Before you start the application process, please take a moment to read the role profile of the job vacancy, as this will give you information of the job description, including;

  • the job title
  • tasks involved in the role
  • entry qualifications, skills and experience
  • personal qualities we’re looking for.

Application forms are different for staff, police officers and specials. For each application you submit, ensure the information is relevant to the role you’re applying for and double check it.

If you need help or support with completing an application form, please email

Skills and experience

Skills and experience relevant to the post you’re applying for is always a bonus. When recruiting new probationary police officers, we look for personal qualities rather than qualifications. We look for people who have;

  • a full UK manual driving licence or provisional licence
  • competency in using technology such as mobiles, tablets and laptops
  • strong written and verbal communication skills.

Completing an application

When preparing to fill in an application form for any type of position with us, we advise you start in a word document so that you can;

  • save a copy of your application form before submitting
  • review your application before attending an interview
  • revisit your answers easily
  • check your spelling and grammar
  • ask others to review it for you.

You may find it helpful to complete your application in stages;

  • Personal qualities - look at the personal qualities required on the application and think about relevant work, social and personal experiences. Also try to focus on your own experiences and achievements rather than group successes. For example, use ‘I’ rather than ‘we’.
  • Competency and evidence – The stronger the evidence in this section, the higher the score, meaning you’re more likely to be invited for interview. Try to use specific examples because general comments about what you have done will not score well. We will want to know what part you played during a specific scenario rather than your opinion of what you would do.
  • Give yourself time - starting an application early gives you an advantage as you can allow yourself time to resolve any problems that arise. Avoid leaving it until the last minute. 

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