Fraud and Cyber Investigation Unit (FCIU)

On September 28, 2015 we launched the Fraud and Cyber Investigation Unit (FCIU) in order to better tackle fraud and cyber–related crime within Cambridgeshire.

The unit provides a specialist response to the advances in technology that impacts across all crime types and almost all crimes we are presented with today.

It consists of a 'cyber' team and a 'fraud' team made up of a number of specially trained officers who work to prevent you from becoming victims of cybercrime, protect vulnerable groups, and pursue those engaged in cybercrime. A cyber security advisor has been appointed who will be responsible for providing advice and support to local businesses.

Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing criminal activities across the world and covers a huge range of illegal activity including financial scams, computer hacking, downloading pornographic images from the internet, virus attacks, stalking, harassment and more.

To ensure the cybercrime data we collate is a true representation of the cyber–picture within Cambridgeshire we need members of the public to report any incidents to us.

Cybercrime isn't just about hacking and online bullying, there are many different types; hacking, identity theft, cyber bullying, sexting, sharing indecent images of children, denial of service attacks, emails containing viruses, and many more.

We believe a big part of the problem is lack of understanding of what constitutes a cyber crime and often people don't realise they have been a victim.

There are many useful websites which hold a whole range of information on the matter, including our own, and we strongly recommend for you to take a few minutes to familiarise yourselves with the different types of cybercrime.

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