Child sexual exploitation

Can you spot the signs?

What is CSE?

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a type of sexual abuse and involves the organised and deliberate exploitation of a child, purely for the sexual gratification of adults and other children.

This crime can affect girls and boys anytime, anywhere – regardless of their background or culture.

There are three main types of CSE:

  • Inappropriate relationships – Usually involves one perpetrator who has power or control over a younger person. Children and young people often believe they are in loving, consensual relationships
  • Boyfriend model – Offenders befriend and groom a young person into a relationship and then convince or force them into having sex with friends or groups of people, sometimes associated with gangs
  • Organised sexual exploitation – Young people are forced to have sex with multiple men. This often occurs at 'sex parties' and young people are often used to recruit others into the network

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